Why should I buy your book?

Author, Alexander Nixon, with sketch for Apassionéa.

Author, Alexander Nixon, with sketch for Apassionéa.

I asked author Alexander Nixon why I should buy his book, and this was his reply.

“It is rare that someone asks you to write a book for them, and even rarer that you would actually write such a book. In a sense, that is just what I did when I put my pen and pencil to work writing and illustrating the world of Apassionéa, a civilization that has lied hidden forever underneath the ice of Antarctica, until now.

The story was inspired by what my friend, Don Ixmatá, a Maya, told me during my Peace Corps service in Guatemala. He called them, “the bedtime stories of a thousand generations of Maya families.” In exchange for him teaching me how to ride a motorcycle, I agreed to weave his stories into my book when I returned home to New York City.

Why was he so determined that I write down that which had seemingly survived a thousand generations in oral tradition form just fine?

Don Ixmatá was obsessed with the end of the world. This was, then, 2008. Don Ixmatá claimed his daughter was too young to understand his father’s father’s stories. “Why would me putting them in my book make them any better off?” I asked. “Your book will get published,” he replied. “Like Harry Potter, and children and adults everywhere will know the stories of my ancestors.” I could not bring myself to tell Ixmatá that the likelihood of my book being published, forgetting for a moment the likelihood that the world would end in 2012—it didn’t-, was slim to none.

I was charmed by his Alchemist meets the Popul Vuh proposal.

Even though the world did not end in 2012, I am sad to write that Ixmatá’s world came to an end before that. In the spring of 2009, Ixmatá died when he lost control passing a truck at high speeds and his brand new motorcycle crashed into an oncoming vehicle.

After completing my Peace Corps service in Guatemala in 2011, I hung up my helmet and started writing my book. It is still yet to be seen if it gets published or not. Either way, I think we can agree that it won’t be the end of the world.”

There’s only four days left in his Kickstarter campaign, and 38 people have already kicked in 1,280$ out of a the 3K goal so he can self-publish his book.


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